Public Art at the Alberta Legislature

We have been working intensively the past six months to create a public art sculpture to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. The piece will be unveiled on July 1st and will be located near the Alberta Legislature. The concept behind the piece was recognize all that has changed in Alberta in the last 150 years. When we started research for this project we looked at historical images of the site where the sculpture will be located and realized that not that long ago the streets were mud and the vehicles horses and carts. Our piece is comprised of two stainless steel spheres built in a molecular pattern composed of circles and rods. Inside of each circle is glass that either has a historical image printed on the surface or the texture of animal tracks embossed in it. Our goal with the images was to give the viewer of a sense of what existed here before and all that has been built in such a short period of time. To celebrate all that has been created in this beautiful place. Below are some of the historical images we have sourced from the Provincial Archives and the Glenbow Museum for this project. 

Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

We were recently selected to create a public art sculpture to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. There were 50 Alberta artists shortlisted and our proposal along with that of 5 other artists was chosen. Our concept is to create a sculpture that develops an awareness of the space around it, to allow viewers to understand what existed in that space before and appreciate all that has been accomplished. The idea for this piece came from looking at historical images of Capital Boulevard (108th St) in Edmonton. It was astounding to realize that not that long ago the streets were made of mud and rutted with the tracks of horse drawn carriages. I think that in order to really celebrate this milestone, there needs to be an awareness of the transformation that has occurred. Our piece will be made of stainless steel and glass. The glass pieces will have historical images that capture the process of transformation fused onto their surface. We will be collaborating with several Calgary based companies to create this larger scale piece. This is an exciting artistic adventure that we are proud to be a part of. Check out this Edmonton journal article for more information on the project and the other artists chosen.



Other Fun Things to Do this Weekend

This saturday the 3rd of December is our Christmas Open House but there are lots of other fun things to do in the Black Diamond area, Sage Pottery and Kristoferson Studio are opening their doors, Bluerock Gallery will have a blacksmith and woodturner giving artist demos. Art lovers will be delighted by this opportunity to drive throught the beautiful countryside just south of Calgary to see the artists at work in their studios As well, there is a show of Alberta youth artists on at the Leighton Centre and a Polar Bear photography exhibit at the Garside Wilson Gallery. T
For more information check out:…

Hot Out of the Oven

One of the reasons we love having our Christmas Open House is that it gives us a chance to create some one of a kind pieces that make great gifts. Here are some photos of what we have making. All of these pieces will be for sale at our open house next saturday December 3rd from 11-5pm or to order them for delivery contact

Christmas Open House in the Studio

Everyone is welcome to our Christmas Open House on December 3rd. We love opening our studio doors to share the new work we have created for the Christmas season. Images of these pieces, hot from the oven will be posted on our Blog , Facebook and Instagram pages in the coming weeks. Please do come by and say Hello and don't hesitate to bring along friends, family and colleagues!!


Come Visit

Everyone is invited to our Studio Open House this saturday from 11 - 4pm to celebrate the beauty of the season and Alberta Culture Days. There will be glassblowing demonstrations all day and a harvest of blown glass pumpkins for sale! The leaves are starting to turn in the foothills and there will be some stunning fall colours for The Most Beautiful Art Tour in Alberta. Other regional art galleries and artist studios are hosting events all weekend. 

Create Your Own Glass Piece

In our glassblowing workshops students have a chance to create something special of their own. There are some fun classes in the studio this fall - the dates are: 
September 17/18th - Learn to Make Glass Pumpkins! - this is a beginner class
October 22/23 -  A Halloween themed beginner class 
November 12/13th - An intermediate Christmas themed class
We also offer gift certificates for workshops and gifts – perfect as a wedding or birthday gift. 

Light and Glass

Glass is such an amazing material to work with, it is one of the few to play with light. We received an interesting commission , to make some windows that were inspired by " Watergauge" a sculptural pieces of Julia's. The client "Intrinsi" are our osteopath's - professionals who help with our aches and pains so that we can make our work. It was a great commission, just to think outside the box in terms of what a window could be. Check out this link to find out more about the pieces and their clinic.


Art for Science

We have  some exciting news to share. In February we were selected by the Royal Tyrell Museum to create models of prehistoric spores for a new exhibition.  We love doing commission work and this project was a great experience, we were able to look at specimens through microscopes with paleontologist Dennis Brammen. Blown glass seems to be the perfect medium to express the aesthetic of these ancient plant forms. It was amazing to work on project that characterized the bridge between art and science- research, experimentation and innovation. Here are some images of the pieces, photos of the specimens and drawings - the process from start to finish.

Functional Art

One of the things I love about working with glass is that you can make such beautiful things with it and so many of these pieces you can use. I like to think that it is art for everyone. Recently we created some lights for some clients - we worked with their ideas to create something uniquely suited for their home. It was gratifying experience to transform their imagination into art that they will use everyday. 


Glassblowing Enthusiasm

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Christmas Open House on Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we loved sharing our enthusiasm for glassblowing and our cookies! It was great to see so many kids being fascinated with the process and creations. We are here working on commissions for until the 16th of December, so if you need a few more gifts, please stop by visit the studio. 

Glassblowing Demonstrations

Here is the schedule for our Christmas Open House tomorrow from 11 to 5pm

-11am  - Tyler will be making a cane roll up vase- pretty stripey vases.

-12:30 - Julia will make a celestial themed bowl -a solar system in glass

-1:30 - Tyler is on  the bench making antler candelabra - or some other super complicated piece

-3pm- Julia is painting with Japanese tinfoil on molten glass - a mixture between craft and martial arts

-4pm - Tyler will make a goblet or if you have a really good idea such as a elephant with a saddle, holding a ball whilst carrying a goblet bowl - he will make that too! 

Anyways, we hope you can make it , the weather will be great and there are so many cookies. 



Fresh from the Oven

We have been busy in the last few weeks creating pieces for our Christmas Open House. Part of what we love about our open house is that we get to make smaller pieces that are perfect for Christmas gifts - ornaments, whiskey glasses, goblets. As well we get a chance to make some spectacular pieces that make great decorations for your home. Here are some photos of what we have been working on lately. 

Tyler made these branch shaped candle holders last week, I think they would look stunning on a long table. 

The frost pattern of these pieces is created by painting on molten Japanese tinfoil 

These stemless goblets make wine taste better - mostly because they look great. They are made with recycled glass, so you can feel good about that too!

Christmas Gifts and Cheer

We love opening our studio doors for our Christmas Open House. It's an opportunity to share our new blown glass pieces we have created for the Christmas season. Images of these pieces, hot from the oven will be posted on and on our Facebook page in the coming weeks. It is also a great time to discuss any ideas you might have for a custom piece, so please do come by and say Hello and don't hesitate to bring along friends and family!!

Talented Friends.

We have had some talented people come by the studio and take some photos of the process of blowing glass. Our friend Danny Miller came by and shot images on a polaroid, an old Hassselblad and digital camera, so it was a well documented day. I love the atmosphere created by Danny's photos - check out his website  to see the extraordinary way he captures the world around us.  


Thanks to everyone for your great feedback about our new website, it has been a lot of work to pull this all together but we are happy with how it all looks. If you think there is something we could do to improve this virtual Firebrand Studio , let us know and we look forward to your feedback.