Custom Glass Lights

March 3, 2015 - 8:00 pm

Glass loves light, when you add light to glass - it transforms a space and creates an experience. Most of the pieces we design include light as an element in the design. So, it was a great pleasure to create two pieces for a client that were light features in a room. In the photos below I love how the light transforms the glass pieces, casting shadows and creating a soft glow in the room. It was fabulous, to create something so unique and suited for this space.

Blown Glass Christmas Gifts

November 26, 2014 - 7:39 pm

There are big fluffy snow flakes falling as I write this and it feels like the Christmas season is starting. To celebrate the season we are opening our studio doors for a Christmas Open House on December 6th from 11-5pm. We have been making pieces that are perfect for gifts and for your home. We hope you can come by for a visit, watch some demonstrations and enjoy the baking! I will be posting more images of what is coming out of the kilns in the next few days.

Formative Exhibition

September 18, 2014 - 6:06 pm

We are having an exhibition opening that features our work and the art of the super talented people who work in our studio. We hope you can make it for the opening from 1-3pm at the Leighton Art Centre on September 27th. We will also have demonstrations at the studio that day from 10-5pm, so that you can see some of the processes in making the work featured. It will be a beautiful fall drive and there is an art tour featuring the best in the regions art work. Check out for more details of the tour. We will post images and the demonstration schedule on our Facebook page as well.

Tour de Glass - Glazenhuis

June 18, 2014 - 7:38 am

Yes, I know the Tour de France does not happen in Belgium but we have definitely been on a glass tour since we have been in Europe. Teaching at Cerfav in France, visiting factories and glass collections near Nancy, followed by a trip to northern Belgium to the town of Lommel. This is an area that is famous for it’s sand and as a result has a history of glass making. The town of Lommel is small and cute with a weekly market in the town square. While we were here we did an artist residency at the Glazenhuis - an amazing building with a hugeannabelleukshowbenukglassukshowjamesmaskray glass cone, great gallery space, a shop and studio space. We had a busy/very hot week in studio making sponsor gifts and pieces for the collection, you know it is warm when people watching you behind a window are fanning themselves. Jeroen Maes the curator of the centre has organized many many glass exhibits at the centre and the current one is UK glass. It was just so nice to be introduced to the work of artist whose work we didn’t know, which it is why it is so important that this sort of exhibition occurs - we just need more of them and they need to travel around. There is so much interesting work out there that is not seen enough! Hopefully, posting some of these images will be my minor way of changing that. If you want to know some of the names of the artists who participated, check out the Glazenhuis webpage or Facebook page, there is more information on the exhibit there.

Art Nouveau, Glass Art and the art of eating

June 12, 2014 - 7:51 am

Here are some photos of our time in the Lorraine region of France. This an important area for the manufacture of glass in France, while here we visited a few factories - with a long tradition of glassmaking - Baccarat and Meisenthal. It was incredible to see the level of skill and effort that went into each of the pieces from the blowing to the cold working. At the museum there was some “live” art deco glass - gorgeous Daum vases - it is so nice to see these pieces up close.
We were very well hosted by the family of Samuel Clemoncon, and by hosted I mostly mean fed - as evidenced by the photos below. After trying countless local cheese, deserts, sausages, we were asked us what the regional specialties were from our region, to which we replied, “beef” .

Glass in France

June 4, 2014 - 2:25 pm

We have had some great studio assistants who have studied at CERFAV, - a school in France, they have told us lots about the school and we have always wanted to visit. We have had an opportunity this past week to teach at the school. The class was focused on making sculptural work using production team blowing techniques, we didn’t have much time but the students embraced the concept and soon everyone was working together making pieces using components and equipment they had never used before. We loved the experience, the students were so enthusiastic and kind, the glass - which they make at the school, has ruined us for any other. img_3111img_3102img_3267

A Glimpse of the Studio in Action

January 20, 2014 - 4:55 pm

Some lovely students from the broadcasting program at SAIT have made a video on our studio. They came this November and videotaped us working and asked some really great questions about the work we make and what makes us want to make the work the do. They did such a great job and it was so nice to have the chance to reflect on what is important to me in my practice. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed being a part of it. Here is the link :

Glass Christmas Gifts

November 6, 2013 - 9:47 pm

We have been busy in the studio creating one of kind pieces that will make great gifts. We have taken inspiration from our studies and experiences in Australia to produce these well crafted pieces.
We are opening our studio doors on December 7th from 11-5pm to share these creations with you. During the day there will be glassblowing demonstrations, blown glass displayed and refreshments! Please join us for this special day in the studio. 12x18_poster-2

Blown Glass Custom Pieces

October 28, 2013 - 7:33 pm

Here are some photos of some custom pieces we made for a client. It was great to have a beautiful spot to put our work into. After installing the pieces last week, I commented to the client that essentially they had an exhibition in their home. There was a lot of thought given to making sure the pieces looked good together and that they worked with the surroundings of the home. It was just so nice to see such a cohesive collection. dsc05619dsc05625dsc05621

Custom Glass Award

September 4, 2013 - 12:26 pm

Pretty excited is the way I would describe feeling about the Tour of Alberta. First off I am excited that this high level of a race is coming to our province. It is pretty much like the Tour de France of North America. It is also exciting that winners of the Tour de France will be in my town of Black Diamond! The thing that really tops it off though is that they have chosen a piece of mine to give the winner of Stage Four of the race - the Queens leg - the hardest stage. I am so honoured that the mayor Sharlene Brown thought of me for this gift. The piece is one of my Rose Vase series vessels. Sharlene picked it out because she liked the metal like mineral qualities of the black top and I see a lot of motion and movement in the top of the piece. I recently learned that winners of bike races often receive glass vases full of flowers. In this piece the idea of an abstracted flower and vase are one. Along with the race there will all kinds of festivals happening in Black Diamond on the 7th of September. Both Tyler’s and my pieces works will be on display at a booth at the Arts Festival from 10-5pm and our studio will be open to visitors for demonstrations and sales during the festival. So come by and say hello, see the new pieces we have been creating and enjoy the art, music, food and cycling! The festival will take place just a block south from the start and finish line of the race - in the field next door to our studio at 634 3rd St. S.W. Black Diamond. Maps and further information can be found on our facebook page Firebrand Glass Studio or