Solo shows in the City of Glass

May 11, 2010 - 1:04 pm

This spring Tyler and Julia are each presenting solo exhibitions featured at Art Mur, Montreal’s largest contemporary art gallery, from May 1 - June 19th as part of the city of Montreal’s designated,”Year of Glass”and the Glass Art Association of Canada’s conference.

Tyler’s solo exhibition titled, “Frontier” combines sculpture and new media with glasswork, to create pieces that describe a location and that engage the fertile ground between the divergent perceptions of history. In this particular exhibition, Tyler alludes to a small bluff of trees below Minichinis Hill in Saskatchewan. It was here that Almighty Voice took his last stand on June 19th, 1897, a final act of what some call the last insurgent uprising of the Riel Rebellion.

In this most recent body of work featured in her exhibition titled, “Patient/Attente”, Julia endeavors to show the contrast of human desires to control nature through machines and the indomitable and patient force of nature to reclaim and heal itself. She uses glass and mixed media to examine the transformation of our landscape, the tension inherent in this relationship and the beauty that exists despite it.

These photos are of the exhibits installed at Art Mur, please view the catalogue of the shows in the events section of our website.