Christmas Gifts and Cheer

We love opening our studio doors for our Christmas Open House. It's an opportunity to share our new blown glass pieces we have created for the Christmas season. Images of these pieces, hot from the oven will be posted on and on our Facebook page in the coming weeks. It is also a great time to discuss any ideas you might have for a custom piece, so please do come by and say Hello and don't hesitate to bring along friends and family!!

Talented Friends.

We have had some talented people come by the studio and take some photos of the process of blowing glass. Our friend Danny Miller came by and shot images on a polaroid, an old Hassselblad and digital camera, so it was a well documented day. I love the atmosphere created by Danny's photos - check out his website  to see the extraordinary way he captures the world around us.  


Thanks to everyone for your great feedback about our new website, it has been a lot of work to pull this all together but we are happy with how it all looks. If you think there is something we could do to improve this virtual Firebrand Studio , let us know and we look forward to your feedback.