May 18, 2009 - 11:18 pm

Our friend Masahiro toured  us to through the city of Seto today. It is about an hour by car from Nagoya with no discernable break in the buildings and industry between cities. When we arrived however it had a very different feel. Seto was a traditional centre for ceramics and the city is justifiable proud of this craft tradition. The ceramics is evident and physically a part of the city, in the walls, bridges and paths. It felt very cared for and well looked after as a result. We toured a number of ceramics galleries including one in a 300 year old wood building (the garden was well established). We had an incredible lunch at a noodle house that  Masahiro picked. We have  developed a craving for  homemade noodles and miso that we had there.

After lunch we toured the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Centre. At the centre we were greeted very hospitably by one of the coordinators, Kukiyo Mikamoto.  We took in  the exhibition “Flat Glass” which had many interesting works, and a lecture by Shogo Abiru who is making sophisticated fused and slumped works. The lecture and exhibition was well attended, a number of students attended from Aichi University and near by Nagoya University came with several faculty members. One of the faculty, Koichi Matsufuji, was the curator of the Exhibition. We had interesting conversations with Michael Schiener, Matt Szosz, Hiroki Numi, and a number of other artists present, in the Gallery, a setting that was low key but engaged.

The facilities at the center are well laid out and well equipped. They have a residency program for recent graduates and as well as international residencies.img_3552img_3535img_3487img_3481img_3615img_3616 setoroofsetowallsetogallerysetowall2