Beautiful Alberta Skies

Glass is one of the few materials that plays with light. So it is perfect that we were recently asked to create a sculpture that shows off the beauty of Alberta sunsets. We find the skies in Alberta stunning as much for the crisp blue light combined with golden fields as for the incredible sunsets. I guess we aren’t the only ones who feel this way. Some clients came to us this spring and asked us to create a sculpture for their living room wall, they knew what they wanted for shapes but they were not sure about what colours to use. In discussing the piece they told us that they loved the sunsets they had from their living room window and then an idea was formed to connect the outside to the inside. We ended up creating a sculpture that had components that were windows into a sunset, reflecting the colours, the swirls and movement of clouds. It was fabulous to create a piece that celebrates the beauty that surrounds us and fits the living room space perfectly. The photos below show the sculpture and the inspiration.

overall imagesmall.jpg
whole room view small.jpg